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God at work

Miki brought home a dvd from the first ultrasound on Wednesday.  It’s amazing how so much joy can be had watching a grainy video of a blob on the screen!  You see the image change, and then there he/she is- playing with fingers and moving around.  Obviously, we’re probably a little more hyped up; considering our challenges with prenatal care in Russia.  But I find myself watching this video over and over again.  It’s like we get to see God at work. 

Makes me wonder how many other things that I attribute to the world, or a gadget, or myself, instead of the Man upstairs.  Father, forgive me for not giving credit where credit is due…

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Settling in, but still learning

We’ve been here over a month, and I’m a little bit confused by things at the moment.  My expectations of the move couldn’t have been more wrong– but in most ways still better than I anticipated.  I feel completely blessed by our flat, our location within the city, our access to the world and even our language classes.  But there are challenges that have yet to be processed, and I’m praying that God helps us figure it all out.  We’ve crossed over a barrier-  we’re used to being in Russia for around a month, but have no idea how it’s going to feel to stay for a longer duration.  I know I’m gloomy today, and Miki and Isa have had their moments as well.  God gave us this home.  Please pray that He helps us learn how to make it our home.

St. John’s UMC has a team coming to visit on Monday.  We pray for their safe travels and for the Lord to give us all exactly what we need in the coming days.



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