One Body

Hello All!  Sorry for the news gap-  we’ve been dealing with some gnarly headcolds, challenges with orphanages, challenges with language school and challenges with culture shock!  I’m sure we’ll fill you in on those items at a later date, but today I want to talk about the Body of Christ.

1Corinthians 12 says:  The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body.  So it is with Christ. (NIV)

Last month we got to see that play out with our at-risk childrens ministry, and it was awesome.  I know that we would not be here in Russia today without the body sending us, but a recent situation here affirmed this verse.

We hosted a small team from St. Johns UMC in Aiken S.C.  Three ladies came and worked with us in disabled orphanages, adult facilities and an intake hospital in the city center.  This act of faith and service is enough to give thanks to the Almighty, but it was the Body that made it even more special.

Deedee, Pam and Susan arrived with tons of supplies to give out at these facilities.  The supplies included childrens clothing, art supplies, toys for stimulation, toothbrushes, bracelets and cross ornaments.  This was St. John’s congregation at work.  On top of that, the ladies were kind enough to help us pass out supplies from FIVE other supporter churches as well.  Over the years we’ve recieved lots of supplies to give out from all of you, so we had some surplus waiting on us when we finally moved in May.

It was a humbling sight to see these ladies helping us distribute:

-Childrens and Adult clothing from Kennesaw UMC
-Childrens T-Shirts from Tuscaloosa FUMC
-Letters from American children to the orphans.  Stallsville UMC in Summerville, SC, Central UMC in Fitgerald, GA and Mountain View UMC in Mount Pleasant all have sent letters from their kids for us to give out.

All of these churches had a part to play, and as one they were able to support and encourage a few of these precious children in Russia.  We still haven’t distributed everything, so this Body will continue to provide through these churches in the name of Christ.

It’s always fun to watch the department nurses come down and grab clothing and supplies that are useful for their particular kids, but its more fun to know that the supplies are coming from so many of you out there.  And to see a child’s face light up when you tell them that they’ve received a letter from a kid in the U.S.A. is a great ministry.  A few of the kids during this visit immediately ran to their caretaker and asked to display the letters and drawings up on the wall.  Yes, some letters from your children are hanging up in prominent places in an orphanage!

Little efforts do add up when they’re made in the name of Jesus.

Thank you so much for your service.  We ask you to continue.  Which part will you play next?

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