The Chastain’s January 2015 Newsletter

Happy New Year from Estonia!  We are writing this month to let you know that we are coming to the U.S. this month for a five-week visit!

Our general schedule is shaping up as follows:

January 20 – 25 – North Atlanta 
January 25 – February 1 – South Georgia
February 1 – February 9 – North Atlanta/Athens 
February 10 – 15 – Tuscaloosa, AL
February 16 – 18 – Western North GA 
February 19 – 24 – Fayetteville, TN 

We have learned over the years that while 5 weeks seems like a long visit, our time goes by very quickly.  We’d love to see as many of you as we can, and to share with you more about all of the things that are happening through the work we are doing in this part of the world.  So please get in touch with us and let’s see if we can work out some time together!

Russia Update
Charlie was able to visit St. Petersburg for a few days over the Christmas holidays, in order to assist a partner ministry there preparing winter supplies for some at-risk families in a village 2 hours outside of the city. The situation there is changing rapidly. In this village, many folks are now living almost entirely on potatoes and beets as a result of the crisis of the Russian currency.  While the Russian ruble is plummeting, food prices are skyrocketing.  

While very happy to see old friends and to be able to support ministry there, Charlie did express discouragement that the dynamics of some relationships seem to be changing as a result of international developments such as the ruble crisis and the US sanctions in response to Russia’s involvement in Ukraine. We were reminded of the tension that can come as we seek to follow the Great Commission, even in the face of difficult governmental decisions and political environments.

Prayer Work
We continue to see struggles, but small movements forward, in our work to develop a community of prayer in Tallinn and throughout this region. Serving with the Mission Society allows us the freedom and privilege to work with several different churches of different denominations in this community. We feel this is a part of God’s design for us here, as we continue to pray for healing throughout the Body in Estonia and beyond. 

Our continuing hope is that people will experience new freedom to come together in prayer, and that those serving in the Church here will begin to experience healing and a deepening of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as they are stepping out to serve their communities. In addition to her seminary studies, Miki continues to pray with individuals who are seeking healing in their own lives and relationships, as well as to work with prayer teams in areas of training and healing prayer ministry. We also wait on the provision and the desire of the Lord towards the development of a place of prayer, that will be in His timing and to His glory alone.

Music Work
In 2014, Charlie’s business of audio engineering and music production had quite a productive year!  He worked on many projects with local artists, as well as with artists throughout Europe. In addition to helping our family obtain legal residency for living in Estonia through the business, Charlie continues to build relationships with musicians and artists within the Church, as well as with those who are not Christians. 

The hours are often very long, and not always easy. But through these experiences, many of these musicians are growing to trust Charlie; some even opening up to him about their personal struggles in faith. This is significant given that so many have been hurt and/or have seen loved ones hurt by people serving in the Church. They see Charlie’s honesty – that he is not trying to portray himself as a perfect person who has all of the answers. But they can see that he does have a real faith in the one true Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we hope it is to Jesus Christ that they are drawn.

Before we depart next week for the U.S., 2 artists living in France will spend the weekend with Charlie in Tallinn to begin work on his next project.  We thank you for continuing to remember these projects in your prayers, as we desire that each project (religious or secular) will not be just another record, but that we will be open to allow the Lord to guide the details and the work, so that His love and glory will be revealed to all of us.  It never hurts to remember that our Father is THE creator; and that if we are open His hand can and will be present in our creative endeavors.  

Monthly Support Needs
We thank God who has provided through your generous support these past 6 years for all that we and our projects have needed! We know many of you have been faithfully supporting us for so long, and it is difficult to express to you how sincerely grateful we are! 

We do continue to stay right at the break-even mark from month to month, some months seeing our personal support account fall into negative numbers, and other months seeing a surplus. 

For this reason, it is necessary for us to continue to share with folks about the work we are doing here, and to ask for prayerful consideration on whether some others of you feel that the Lord may be leading you to begin financially supporting us each month. 

Also, as we are living abroad, we need help in “getting the word out”! If you feel that you know someone who may be interested in what is happening through this work in Estonia and Eastern Europe, please pass our information along! We know that working in partnership with one another as members of the Church is the desire of our Lord for His Bride.

Thank you again for your faithful love and support for us as we seek to serve here in Eastern Europe.

Many blessings to you all, and we hope to see you in the coming weeks!

Charlie, Miki, Isabel, Jasper and Celia

Ways to donate to this ministry:

By Check: Send a check to the following address, noting “Chastain/Russia 322” in the memo:

The Mission Society
6234 Crooked Creek Road
Norcross, GA 30092

By Credit/Debit Card: Go to our website: and clickon “Give” to go to the Mission Society “donations” page.

Donation options:
For general support, please note “Chastain/Russia 322”
For vehicle project, please note “Chastain/Russia 322 Vehicle”
For prayer ministry, please note “Chastain/Russia 322 SPJ”

To make a monthly pledge:

Either contact us via email or phone (678-436-3016) so that we can send you the appropriate documentation, or go to our website: and click on “Give” to go to the Mission Society “donations” page.

Our mailing address is:

The Mission Society

6234 Crooked Creek Road

NorcrossGA  30092

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