The Chastains September 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from Tallinn! After almost 2 months in the U.S. this summer, we returned to Estonia August 18. It was such a blessing to be able to share a summer in the States with our family. This was the first 4th of July stateside for our two youngest kids. Over the course of our time there we were able to visit 7 different states. Not only did we have quality time with our families, but we also were able to visit with many of you and hear how you are.


We want to thank everyone who has supported the Faleiro-Chastain album, which came out earlier this summer! Charlie and Gustavo are planning some future concerts in Europe and America. They hope to encourage local communities about Christian arts as well as engaging with the refugee crisis.

“Rue de la Convention” by Faleiro-Chastain is available on all the major music websites: iTunes, Amazon Music, GooglePlay, Noisetrade and others. Please check it out. Every sale, stream and share helps our work!

Charlie is beginning production in September with 2 new artists from Estonia and will produce the 3rd Canon Music Workshop in Moscow, Russia with the United Methodist Church of Eurasia in October. He will also be joining several Christian artists from various communities throughout Europe as they gather for the “Tribus” Conference in Düsseldorf, Germany in early November.

Please pray for these projects and gatherings – that Charlie will be effective in his “time management” with so many overlapping tasks and travel these next few months.

Miki’s upcoming Russia trip

Miki will be spending 5 days in St. Petersburg and Moscow early in September, where she will gather with some old friends and colleagues to spend some time teaching and Bible study with leaders from the Russian UMC. Although this is a short trip due to her seminary schedule, she is so grateful for the opportunity to see our brothers and sisters in Russia, and to have time for prayer and fellowship with them.

We have been experiencing more and more “hurdles” in our continuing work in Russia – so we want to be faithful in the limited opportunities we have there. Please pray for easy connections and that they may be a source of encouragement and instruction for one another, to the glory of God.

Malaysia Global Gathering – October

In late October, Charlie and our oldest daughter Isabel will travel together for the TMS Global Gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We hope that this will be a time for reconnecting with old friends, and for having good discussions on the ways forward in this new season at TMS Global. In particular, Charlie hopes to have productive meetings regarding the ongoing work with refugees, both in Europe and in other regions of the world where TMS Global is present.

As many of you know, we believe that this is going to continue to be a major global crisis, at least throughout our life times. We appreciate your continued prayers as we seek to work alongside brothers and sisters throughout these affected regions in order to discover the best practices in providing ministry for these displaced families and unaccompanied minors, and to learn how to care also for one another and to lean on Jesus Christ, the Giver of Life, more in our own lives each day.

Exploratory Trip to Italy

For a few years now, we have continued to feel the Lord shifting our view more and more into the refugee crisis throughout Europe, particularly within the Southern European nations of Greece, Serbia, and Italy. As a result of several months of prayer and a lot of conversation with many of you, we have begun planning an extended family trip, from mid-November through December, down into Italy.

This will be an “exploratory” trip, designed primarily for learning and connecting with others who are working and living there. While we are there, we have also been invited to attend a missions conference with a partner NGO in the refugee crisis, which is scheduled for November in Rome.

We can not say exactly what God’s plan is for us through this trip. Still, we feel we need to be open to the possibilities for expanded work in that region. Considering our experience over the years with orphans and street children in Northeastern Europe – as well as our continued development and education in spiritual retreat and pastoral care – we are giving significant consideration to the possibility of full-time work with unaccompanied minors.

We recognize that any possibility for this type of work in Southern Europe will require a number of miracles in relationships, communications, and provisions. We desire to approach this season delicately and are asking God to provide abundant humility, discernment, courage, and peace as He reveals His plan for our family.

To look back at how we got to this place in ministry, feel free to browse our video updates from refugee camps and squats here:

Seminary Update

As many of you know, Miki’s Masters of Divinity requirements at Asbury Seminary include 63 academic hours of class online, and 33 hours on one of the campuses, either in Wilmore, KY or Orlando, FL. We were very pleased that, with a bit of juggling and a lot of support from several of you, this summer she was able to complete 9 hours on the Asbury campuses. Miki has now completed the first year of the three year MDiv program and plans on maintaining a full-time schedule throughout so that she will finish up on time, in 2019.

We want to thank everyone who has supported Miki’s studies financially with the Ministry Partners Program at Asbury. Through this scholarship, Miki is required to participate in regular online sessions and to raise financial contributions each year of $6,980. By meeting these requirements, the remaining tuition balance (around $20,000 in total for her first year) is covered by the seminary.

For her second year, which begins next month, support of $5,300 has already been given or pledged by individuals and congregations, leaving a need of just $1,680 for the 2017-18 year.

If you feel you would like to support Miki’s studies, or if you would like to learn more about the reasons why she is pursuing this degree towards the development of her work here in Europe, please feel free to reach out to her at Support can be sent directly to:

Asbury Theological Seminary
204 N. Lexington Avenue
Wilmore, KY 40390
Please designate the check: Miki Chastain – MPP

Or go online: if you prefer to make an electronic payment.

Thank you so much for walking with us through these busy times. We sincerely ask for your continued prayers and support, and invite you to be in touch with us.  It’s always a blessing to hear from you – to know how we can pray for you and see how God is working through your lives in addition to the efforts you do on our behalf!

Every Blessing to you and yours,

Charlie, Miki, Isabel, Jasper and Celia

PS:  Miki’s 8-week study on prayer is available on Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle. Please check it out – and share it with your SS Classes and friends!   

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