Serving both sides of orphanhood

Now that Jasper has arrived, we’re trying to get into a routine around here.  Miki and I are both starting to venture out into our ministries a little more.

Miki had another opportunity to visit Intake Hospital #15- where children who’ve recently been given up to the state go before assignment to an orphange.  This time the facility was packed with new kids entering into the system- with limited staff.  I’m glad she was there to help that day.  She also delivered childrens clothing sent to us from Love Russia partners in France.  (Thanks Isabelle B.)

I delivered a large amount of lumber to The Harbor Vocational Center as part of Love Russia’s partnership with the charity.  The Harbor helps orphans transition into society through transition homes, life skills education and now, vocational training.  (see  The lumber is for the wood shop, and the kids really do great work there.  Our goal is for them to find jobs, which is difficult given the stigmas of orphanhood in Russia.

Two sides of orphanhood in one week:  the beginning and the end.  Both Miki and I have felt drawn to the intake and graduation processes in the life of orphans.  I wish we could meet them at the door, give them love, and hold their hands until the day they’re comfortable leaving the orphanages.  Though that is not possible, we know that Jesus is right there- every step of the way.  For that, I give thanks.

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